11 Ways to Meal Prep with Your Instant Pot

October 03, 2019 − by Claudia Cash − in Recipe Collections, Simply Recipes − Comments Off on 11 Ways to Meal Prep with Your Instant Pot

For the longest time, my Instant Pot scared me. I have heard far too many horror stories of pressure cooking gone wrong, so I stayed far away for as long as I could.

But like many of you out there, I was soon bit by the pressure cooking bug, and it bit me hard. I finally caved and bought one and haven’t looked back.

I have found that I don’t make a ton of meals with it, but I use it more for meal prepping. Who knew?! It’s not at all what I intended to use it for, but week after week, I find myself bringing it out to make batches of rice, yogurt, meat, and eggs to get me through the week.

Here are some ways you can use it to meal prep. Enjoy!