These Kids Rapping About Vegetables Is the Best Thing You’ll See Today

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Not everyone gets excited about vegetables, but this video will definitely help and at the very least it has to put a smile on your face. These kids have talent. And they’re rapping about growing food and vegetables. Not only that, they’re really good—at rapping, dancing, knowing their nutrition facts (around 2:43 they start talking about minerals and vitamins, and nail it) and, from the looks of it, cooking yummy, healthy food.

The video was put together by Appetite for Change, a nonprofit based in North Minneapolis that uses food to help build health, wealth and social change. It runs urban farming programs, free community cooking workshops and helps create a more sustainable food system. Appetite for Change also get kids involved growing food and learning about healthy food and somehow found the time to create a song and video as fun as “Grow Food.”

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